Brief: New Brand Identity, all UK stores required windows and doors to be sprayed to ensure brand compliance

Timeframe: Reduced production time on site between 10:00pm and 5am, each store had an allocated deadline of 5 nights per location.

The job specification from Lidl was to update and refresh the colour of all their power coated aluminum windows and doors. It was imperative that the work did not impact on their customer experience so limited site access had to be adhered. Our Technicians were able to undertake work between the hours of 10pm and 5am, and Lidl Head Office allocated a deadline if 5 nights per store to complete the works. All of the works needed to be prepared, primed and re- sprayed.

The Francis Crick Institute (formally the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation) is a biomedical research center in London. The institute is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, Imperial College London, King College London, the Medical Research Council, University College London and the Welcome Trust.

Brief: Our brief was to work in partnership with multiple agencies, to ensure that production plans and deadlines were met.

Timeframe: 3 years on site, plus additional time for snagging.

The was a massively satisfying and rewarding project to work on, it included but was not limited to the following substrates:

  • Spraying internal and external panels (UPVC and Power Coated Aluminum)
  • External spraying to brick work
  • Wood paneling
  • Over 1000 door frames and doors
  • Auditorium internal and external walls

Working alongside multiple agencies on site to ensure that production plans and completion deadlines were adhered to meant for a challenging but rewarding experience. All of the work carried out had to meet and adhere to Building Regulations, such as using intumescent paint for fire resistance etc. This project alone meant a site presence for 3 years, plus additional weeks once the work complete and snagging requirements needed our attention.

Brief: To repair and spray a Data hall prior to completion

Timeframe: 18 Months on Site

We had to ensure that all fire panel walls were repaired, prepped, primed and sprayed in accordance with the clients brief. All of the fire doors had to be repaired and sprayed to conform to current Fire Regulations. Construction timeframes and constraints needed to be adhered to ensure that the handover date was achieved.